On Air Guests

Creative Fort Collins Show & Podcast



  • Each show will air on 88.9FM & KRFCfm.org
  • Promote each show on KRFC Facebook with 7K+ followers
  • Promote each show/podcast on CFC Facebook & Instagram
  • Podcast will be listed on KRFCfm.org
  • Podcast & Transcript will be listed on CreativeFortCollins.com
  • Provide link to stream/download show for email, website, and social media
  • Podcast will be listed on:
    • Apple Podcasts
    • Spotify
    • Google Podcast
    • Stitcher
    • iHeart Radio
    • TuneIn
    • Additional various apps & websites


  • Provide 2 complementary tickets to your event, if applicable to be promoted during the daily music shows “NoCo Flow”
  • Send logo of event/organization for promotion
  • Send photo/headshot of guest(s)
  • Sign CFC Consent Form
  • Sign KRFC On-Air Agreement (sign at KRFC studios)
    • No profanity, derogatory, defamatory speech or slurs of any kind, in spoken or musical form
    • No prices; Be value neutral. Let the programmer you’re on air with know if you have tickets to give away before you go live.
    • No sponsor shout-outs
    • No calls to action–i.e., it is not permissible to say ‘come to our show, buy tix, etc.’ but IS okay to say ‘we’d love to see KRFC listeners there!’ (it’s a matter of semantics when on a public, community radio station)
    • If there is anything you want to address/discuss, or avoid, it is incumbent upon you to let the station and programmer you’re on air with, know, ahead of time.
    • Encouraging any use or consumption of any substance (illegal or otherwise) use is also prohibited, as it is a violation of community standards that we are being held to



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  • Create flyers or posters to handout with link to podcast
  • Use facebook/instagram stories or snapchat to promote podcast to wider audiences
  • Add to your website/blog for ongoing promotion of your organization/event