KRFC Guest Interview and
Performance Waiver and Agreement

KRFC Guest Interview and Performance Waiver and Agreement


Thank you for being a guest on KRFC. KRFC is concerned about maintaining a good relationship with the community of Fort Collins and the Federal Communications Commission, so we are asking for all on-air guests to be aware of certain rules and regulations. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are live on the KRFC radio waves:

1. No profanity, derogatory, defamatory speech or slurs of any kind, in spoken or musical form.
2. It will have to be an acoustic set-up (please bring CDs with you, just in case we can’t find on our shelves if you opt to play a cut or two).
3. No prices; Be value neutral. Let the programmer you’re on air with know if you have tickets to give away before you go live.
4. No sponsor shout-outs.
5. No calls to action–i.e., it is not permissible to say ‘come to our show, buy tix, etc.’ but IS okay to say ‘we’d love to see KRFC listeners there!’ (it’s a matter of semantics when on a public, community radio station)
6. If there is anything you want to address/discuss, or avoid, it is incumbent upon you to let the station and programmer you’re on air with, know, ahead of time.
7. Encouraging any use or consumption of any substance (illegal or otherwise) use is also prohibited, as it is a violation of community standards that we are being held to.

KRFC is at 619 S College Ave and would encourage you to find on-street parking, if possible (usually on college in front of 619 is open, east side of the building). Parking is a bit of a challenge. You’ll enter the building from the South-facing (parking lot) side.

We have an online form that, you could fill out this form ahead of time, it will help us prepare for your visit.

As an on-air guest, I understand and agree to the above-mentioned standards and practices while on air at KRFC. I also understand that I am being recorded and that the recording may be used on multiple platforms throughout KRFC and its partnering organizations.

I also understand that any actions, legal or otherwise, that result from a violation by me of the above and of any commonly-held community standards are mine alone and agree to hold KRFC and its affiliates harmless.
By signing this document, I allow KRFC the right to use my likeness, image, voice, and appearance and give the right to broadcast, exhibit, market, and sell in anyway KRFC wants in any form in perpetuity. I confirm that I have the right to enter this agreement and that by signing I am not restricted by any other agreements.

By signing this form, I, the studio guest, grant KRFC permission to use the recording, in whole or in part, royalty-free, for programming, fundraising and promotional efforts, including but not limited to: future broadcasts, compilation albums, and podcasting. I, the guest, waive any payment that might otherwise be due from KRFC for such use, including mechanical license rights. This shall not affect any royalties paid to Artist by a performance rights licensing agency.